Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I Wore: Black and Blue

Dress: Mother's vintage dress from the 1960s
Cage Belt: YSL
Eel Boots: Devi Kroell
I've inherited several custom-made vintage pieces from my mother, and I like the slightly-puffed sleeves and large lapel on this dress. I find it pretty amazing that I can fit into everything she wore when she was my age.


Amol said...

I love the outfit. It's simple and chic like you. I love the idea of the eel boots.

Anonymous said...

What a cute dress on you!
Fashion trend is surely recycling.
Belt transformed a vintage to a chic dress. Great job.

TLT said...

The dress is awesome, the fit's great! That's funny because I just asked my mom yesterday if I could have some of her old vintage dresses and I'm picking them up from her next week :) She owns some awesome pieces, and looks like yours does too!