Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sale Madness; Ruby Slippers

Sale season--especially after Thanksgiving--has a Dionysian effect on people. Drastic, desperate sales (I can hardly believe these 70% off sales) transform even the calmest, disinterested shopper into a grabby, hysterical one. Take the manic crowd who trampled over a poor Walmart worker on Black Friday.

Since the economy has taken a nosedive, I've become quite the opposite. I purchase only things that truly have a "soul-stirring" effect, to quote Tim Gunn. As I was navigating through the overcrowded stores and streets today, I found myself quite bored by the plethora of stock on the shelves. Nothing really stood out--nothing, that is, until I came across the most divinely sequined ruby red Mary Janes from Miu Miu. My heart leaped; my eyes dazzled. The Wizard of Oz is a classic favorite of mine, and for years I have searched in vain for a modern version of those ruby slippers Dorothy wore on the yellow-brick road. Saks recently displayed various versions of the slippers from famous shoe designers, but even those were too fantastic to be worn (as I mentioned previously, I cannot wear five inch heels). Besides, they weren't purchasable. But these--these were flats! And on sale! Perhaps I had been too harsh on Miuccia Prada; perhaps the shoe gods were blessing me; perhaps a shoe dream really does come true.

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