Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Walk A Mile In These (Prada) Shoes

I came across the first photo in the most current issue of WWD (Women's Wear Daily), and the Sartorialist recently posted this image as well (that's his gentlemanly hand offering assistance on the right). Out of curiosity, I went to YouTube to see for myself what happened on Prada's Spring Runway show. Instead of the fearless struts we are accustomed to, I witnessed the painful, stunted wobbles of these normally graceful models. The poor girl above finally--and defiantly--took these stilts off after several treacherous slips.

Although the Sartorialist pointed out that the socks the girls wore were to blame (which I admit is partially true), I'm aghast at the higher and higher heights shoes these days are scaling. Are we women actually expected to wear 5-6 inch shoes? (My limit is 3.) Someone on the Sartorialist's blog likened this trend to foot binding in China, and I completely agree. To some extent, "women must labor to be beautiful," but when danger and pain are involved, I draw the line. Two-to-three-inch heels can empower a woman; five-to-six-inch heels can only impair a woman. It's unfortunate that Miuccia Prada, of all people, couldn't see this.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.
This is ridiculous that sprains & nerve damages will be paid for this extreme fashion. We should be
trained as a stilt walker at circus to wear these heels.