Monday, November 10, 2008

Child's Play

Bottega Veneta Small Toggle Leather Tote, $1,850 at Net-a-porter

For 95% of the time, Tomas Maier can do no wrong; for the other 5% of the time, his playful creativity borders on childishness. The above tote incurs my wrath for two reasons: 1) It looks like an embarrassing Longchamp knock-off; 2) It looks like it belongs to a seven year old. I must confess that I abhor anything rainbow-colored (it always looks juvenile and messy to me), and I am tempted to snip off the colorful leather balls with a methodical fury akin to my attacks on grammatical errors.

Kimora Lee Simmons' all too cutesy "Hello Kitty" line also grates on my last nerve. (I admit that despite my childhood love of stickers, I was more of a tomboy than a girly girl, mainly because I grew up with two brothers.) The "glam" versions, often encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones, retail for very adult prices (the pendant on the left is worth $7,500). The thought of a grown woman wearing these ridiculous pendants has me shrugging my figurative shoulders.

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Miriam said...

I do have a soft spot for Hello Kitty. But whether it be a grown woman or spoilt child, $7,500 would have me shrugging my figurative shoulders as well.