Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Mellow Yellow

I'm pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this sunny number since Marc Jacobs--and I am prepared to be burned at the stake for saying this--is highly overrated (in my humble opinion). This dress is sweet and bright, and yellow always reminds me that summer is just a couple of seasons away. The bow-shaped belt, however, is cloying and callow, making the wearer seem as youthful as a five-year-old girl with a lollipop. Switching the belt for a simple white one (I prefer Yves St. Laurent's rectangular belts) and adding a silver cardigan would make this more adult. White or silver pumps instead of Mary Janes or flats would also be wise choice. $698 at Bergdorf Goodman.

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Kelly said...

I agree, Marc Jacobs has always had a type of messy look in my opinion, however his new spring line has really cute dresses that are colorful and fun