Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carolina Herrera: White Magic

The frantic demand for fashion has created PRE-FALL collections that are showcased an entire year beforehand. Case in point: Carolina Herrera's fall 2008 line, visible on style.com. This particular ensemble caught my eye and flooded my mind with images of snowflakes, ice-skating, and Christmas parties. Unfortunately, I will have to wait an entire year before this fantasy can become reality (the outfit, not the setting). The fan-like ornaments on the top of the skirt add an element of interest, and the wide A-line proportions of the skirt conceal any unforgiving bulges from many an eggnog. The black tights, however, are severe and divide the young lady in half. I prefer a monocromatic look (all white), or a gray sweater with silver pumps.


Tiny Cricket said...

tres chic...=)

helen said...

I love this one...very chic..