Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Return of the Kitten Heel?

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Marni Spring 2010

Missoni Spring 2010

Dear Patient and Faithful Readers: Thank you for your patience during my long absence. I needed some time away from my blog, and I'm also currently reassessing whether or not I want to continue with it. I'm back--for now--but I will let you know if that changes. I greatly appreciate all of the kind notes you sent and I'll be visiting your blogs again soon.


WendyB said...

Missed you!

mom & son said...

hi thumbelina?
how are you? is everything ok?

i hope you continue blogging or else
i will be missin' your post.

great shoes, btw and have a good night!

Miss Cavendish said...

Well: I would certainly miss you! As for kitten heels, I think that my eye would take a little more adjusting before I embraced them soleheartedly.

janettaylor said...

I love Missoni!


modediktat said...

Hello my dear...........
I hope all is well!
It's so funny, actually, playing with the same thoughts here.... And - we are not alone. Somehow a lot of the blogger girls disappeared / are taking some time off the blogosphere.

Thinking of you and will check your blog time by time for updates, darling.
Until then: Take good care, my dear - and I'm wishing you a veeeeeeery good time always!!!
hugs and kisses (whenever you feel the need!) and
much love always, sofie

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy monday evening, Thumbelina!
What a wonderful surprise to see you did a new post.
I hope you´ll continuing but can understand when you say no to it.
You can´t do that ;)

Have a happy sunny monday in NYC!!!!
WIll keep checking your blog, Thumbelina!

Lynn said...

hi there! yes, these thoughts come to mind often. but when i call home and my mom asks "do you have a new post?", i get motivated to do one again :).

i hope you continue your posts! how's the holiday preps coming along? any big plans?

Marian said...

darling thank you for your little note at end of kitten heel ref to continue to write or not, do whatever you need to do darling.
big kiss and hug!

p.s yes it seems like the kitten heel is trying to make a come back

Anonymous said...

I missed you very much.
I hope you are not going to abandon many faithful readers like me. May God bless you & your home!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello Miss Thumbelina Fashionista!

Just wanted to drop you a line to wish you


Lynn said...

hi thumbelina! happy thanksgiving!! if you are free on dec14, head on to my blog to join my giveaway for the opening night of hansel and gretel at the metopera! would love to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I do hope you continue to blog. I just recently found it and it's one of my favs -- there are not many fashion blogs featuring women with careers who must dress a little less "playful" than other blogs. You've given me great ideas of outfits I could put together for work...

Sonia said...

Kitten heels do seem to be back... Should I make like anna wintour or get some proper shoes??

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the previous anonymous why I like your blog. I want to see wearable office attirs with a sharp fashion sense. We do not want to be fashion model on street, but our own confident & gorgeous stylist. I like the way you dress. GO TF.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

if you so choose, yana handbags would like to add you to our press list- shoot me an email at =) thanks

ms. Givens said...

Not usually a fan of the kitten heal but I love the black n gold sandals. Thanks for posting this!

diamondsinchampagne said...

I am not a fan of the kitten heel, but that's just because I am a shorty and love wearing ridiculously high heels to make up for it!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!
Just wanted to drop you a line to wish you a JOYFUL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!