Monday, November 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

FAVORITE THING #1: Studded, ornate, museum-worthy heels. These particular beauties are courtesy of Cesare Paciotti (photo credit: Jak & Jil).

FAVORITE THING #2: Sci-fi movies. For those of you who scoff at the idea of Star Trek, let me present to you Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (whose title, I might add, is an allusion to Hamlet's "To be, or not to be" monologue; in Hamlet, "the undiscovered country" is death; in Star Trek, it's the future). This movie really is an allegory of Cold War politics, but it's so much more than that. It addresses our natural racist inclinations and fear of annihilation--so apt today. (I just saw 2012 and The Road--it seems like Hollywood isn't letting up on the apocalyptic theme.)

FAVORITE THING #3: Brunch. Let's face it. I'm a brunch junkie. These delectable blueberry pancakes and the french toast in the next picture are both from Zoe, a restaurant in Soho.

FAVORITE THING #4: Korres. I'm really picky about lotions (I have extremely dry skin), and Korres' Jasmine (or Guava) body butter is insanely rich, fragrant, and healing. I'm also addicted to their shower gel and lip balm.

FAVORITE THING #5: Murad. While we're on the subject of beauty products, let me introduce you to Murad's Clarifying Cleanser. Great for people who have mild to severe acne.

What are some of your favorite things?


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Hi Thumbelina,
it've been for a while..I'm simply busy with my family..Recently, my favorite thing is having home-baking blackberry pie for breakfast. I've been baking four or five pies since Thanksgiving day and I'm actually baking one right now for breakfast tomorrow...

WendyB said...


mom & son said...

hi thumbelina.
how are you?
thanks for sharing to us your favorite things.
i have lots of fave things esp beauty products. too many to mention though.

i have never tried korres and muras yet. i will
probably try them so soon!

mom & son said...

hi thumbelina.
how are you?
thanks for sharing to us your favorite things.
i have lots of fave things esp beauty products. too many to mention though.

i have never tried korres and muras yet. i will
probably try them so soon!

-h said...

those heels are beautiful! and that brunch looks delicious. i could go for breakfast foods just about any time.
my favorite things: military jackets/shirts, tuxedos, trench coats, chandeliers, funny songs, and loving my shiseido sunscreen and black thigh high boots right now.

little fish said...

now my favourite are:
1. Jimmy Choo nude wedges
2. Yogitree at Gardens, Midvalley(Organica restuarant).Love their food and desserts

The Owl's Closet said...

great post! those shoes are awesome! loving the details. i actually like star trek:D i used to watch the series growing up:D still haven't seen the movie, yet, but i've heard good things about it. Omg, ur brunch food looks so good! hope u had a great weekend:)

little fish said...

this is my wish list

Eunice said...

It's difficult to condense many of my favorite things but I'll try..
1. a good pair of riding boots
2. woody allen's manhattan's opening/intro scene
3. arcona skin care... love it!
4. a nice, cuddly and cozy throw and i swear it's not a snuggie.
5. mid-century coffee tables

i may need a pair of museum-worthy heels... that's a good one since my future career path is in art museums. i must be able to dress myself and please the museum benefactors haha.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina on a cold tuesday evening!
The studded heels look gorgeous!!!
My fav list...mmmmhh ;)
Lanvin ballerinas, vintage costume jewelry,oh yes.. and can´t wait to see 2012, pasta & wine (mmmh to your yummy blueberry pancakes),Givenchy skincare ...i´m sure these are my fav things from #10 up to #20 and i will realize later i did not name #1-#9 ;)


modediktat said...

I'm reaching my hand out to you - just to show you the "life long and prosper" greeting :-D
I'm a Trekkie!! I loooooooove the films, TNG, DS9 and Voyager.... <3
Of course I have a weakness for studded heels, too.... And a big YES to brunch and pancakes and and and...
My favorite things?
Well, Star Trek is among my Top5, too :) Balenciaga Bags (from 01 to 05), Wolke (who is the mascot of my blog since the beginning in 07, you can see him in "about me"), Rick Owens leather jackets and cozy cotton dresses/tops, books(!)... and soooo many more :)
Big kiss to you!

Lynn said...

hmm.. favorite things:
1. winning contests, theater lottery and recently raffles ;)
2. i'm embarrassed to say, reality shows
3. gorgeous shoes
4. designer items on sale
5. pre-fixe lunch/dinner
6. movies!

janettaylor said...


Those shoes are incredible!

P.S.: Check out my newer giveaway! (if U have a mood) Are you ready a winter party, Honey? :-D Enter!


Style Odyssey said...

i like your favorite things- especially brunch and those fab shoes.

my fave things? many! here are a few:
- my Ann D off-white lace-up boots
- Nars "ruby woo" lipstick
- great quality dark chocolate, red wine, cheeses, coffee...
- obagi skincare
- gaudy chandeliers
- my Philippe Starck "ghost chair" and kartell "bourgie" lamp
- West Elm home furnishings


dot said...

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens.

This is so strange, Thumbelina, because I've missed you - both visiting your blog, and hearing from you - and then I've heard from you recently. I came to the laptop to visit your blog, but somehow modeditkat, and was moved to tears. I was just about to write something, when I saw someone had written exactly what I wanted to say: it was you.

My favourite things - if we're not counting people and more general things like sunshine on a warm beach with turquoise water - is a line of natural, inexpensive, not well packaged shea butter scented face & body creams that I get sent from someone in Kansas and put in my own plain glass jars. It's on my blog, the company is called Sher Essence and I love so many scents but especially vanilla pear and lily of the valley. She's a lovely woman named Sheryl (hence the name) but I call her Dorothy (get it? Kansas?)

Okay, it's feast or famine with me. I have other favourite things one of which is pumpkin pie, but I'm blanking at the moment. Brunch is definitely on the list tho, as it covers so much territory!


Style Odyssey said...

oops, i meant MAC Ruby Woo lipstick- not Nars. :)
and while i'm at it, ruby woo is the perfect matte red, if anyone's on the lookout for an intense red lip color for the holidays.

vitaMinn style said...

I realized that all the pairs of shoes I bought this year are all for work! Next year, hope I can add some fun pairs like that first pic!

Oh, you're going to find this so weird (but hopefully not creepy)... I had a dream the other day that we opened an internet business. It was sort of like a "Bags Borrow or Steal" but for shoes!! Funny right?!?!

I'm so with you on that previous post you had. I actually considered deleting my blog too but Martina saved the day!! And to think I've only been blogging for months so I could totally understand how you felt being here for so much longer!

Please don't stop though.. Even if I delete my blog, I would still read yours! =)

Keith said...

These are some great favorite things to have. I enjoyed reading them. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Cheers!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

I'm still busy the same. I just picked up my kids from school and quickly moderated comments. I hope you're getting well soon.

Marian said...

darling you are a girl after my own heart! adore brunch too! great list

Miss Cavendish said...

I'm definitely with you on 1 and 3! And I tried to get into Sci Fi during grad school (it's so rich for literary criticism) but didn't really make it past some episodes of ST: TNG (though they provided me with great topics). Perhaps I should give the new ST film a go, though . . . ?

39th and Broadway said...

Yummm...Brunch! Definitely one of my favorite things and NYC does it so well. I'll have to check out Zoe. For some reason I can never find a good brunch/lunch place when I'm in Soho and always just end up at Dos Caminos. Love Murad products too, all around great choices!

dot said...

p.s. Wanted to thank you for visiting & commenting - I know you're busy - hope it's all going wonderfully!

Have a lovely weekend Thumbie ; ) xox

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

I share your love of all your favorite things listed here...except for sci-fi movies. Never really got into them, although I do watch on occasion! :) And I adore brunch! Yum! Only two things I must add: anything pumpkin flavored, and giant earrings!

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Also!! I wanted to let you know that your name was chosen as one of the winners for my PH8 jacket giveaway!!! :) I'm so thrilled that you're one of the winners because you know I love your blog and your impeccable style! When you get a chance, please send me your address and jacket size to Thank you so much for entering!!


kirstyb said...

Those heels are amazing xxxx

Shyndo said...

Pancakes and french toast, my favorite, can't help but love them. Are those your feet, if so you have nice feet and those heels are friggin tight. Just found you and started following your blog. Check mine out. I just started, its called Lifescrescendo.


CHICMUSE said...



CHICMUSE said...



Kat said...

Hello there to you too!

I've been lurking at your site and all my other fave sites these past months...haha! I'm still working on my research paper...have had two cases of allergies...and recently been having computer problems (long story really!).

I hope you're having a lovely start to the holiday season! I haven't bought gifts for my hubby yet...only gifts for myself. haha!

We've been blanketed by snow this week...happily took pics from my window. haha! Yep, I don't feel that daunted by it just yet.

Keep blogging, girl! I'm always excited to read your posts. Enjoy your weekend.

vitaMinn style said...

Hey Thumbie! In case I don't get a chance to stop by here later, I'll greet you now... have a happy holidays!!!! =)

ms Givens said...

Just listed my favorite things on my blog today and then I stumbled across your favorites.


Hey hunny!!! I've not heard from you for so long! How's things and the holiday season treating you? Hope all's well on your end! I miss your posts, esp your outfits! Did you get any new lovely buys?? ;) I did and I hope to share them with you soon! But before I do, I'll be going away on a trip to Italy! Hope to talk to you and see you around more when I get back in 2 weeks!!! God bless and have a blessed and lovely Christmas!

Love to you, Adela