Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogger Meet Up/Closet Swap

From Left to Right: Kelly (and her adorable chihuahua Bunny) from The Glamourai, Mimi from Brook & Lyn, Joelle from The Owls Are Not What They Seem, and Daphne from Jolie Laide.

Last night I met up with four exceptional bloggers (aren't they fabulous?!) who are all participating in a closet swap organized by Mimi from Brook & Lyn. We're all submitting three items to swap, and doing it all online. Click here to read more. We had a wonderful time chatting over coffee and cookies at The City Bakery. Stay tuned for more details about the swap!

P.S. I saw Brook Shields and Lindsay Price yesterday when I was shopping at the Decades Two Sample Sale...turns out that celebrities shop at sample sales too! I scored a Chanel charm necklace, which I'm crazy about. A girl can't have enough Chanel.


-h said...

la la la im going to pretend i didn't read the last sentence. i just tried on some chanel sunglasses that looked good on me.

everyone is so beautiful in this picture!!

connie said...

ahhh you went to the sample sale?? so jealous!! i want to go tomorrow but i'm no longer in ny :(

how were the prices?

those are my favorite bloggers! :)

modediktat said...

hey sweet thumbelina!
how are you, gorgeous? i hope all is well.
wooooooooooow! looks you guys em girls had a fabulous fun time! closet swap is just a lovely idea to refresh the wardrobe. i love it when you could exchange items you don't wear any more into something else you really like - and opposite!
great idea!
and congrats to your marvellous chanel find!!
wishing you a great weekend - first official SPRING weekend! yaaaaayyyy!
xoxo sof

modediktat said...

ps. daphne is wearing beautiiiiiful prada shoes!! <3

modediktat said...

ps. sorry - mismatch! look similar to prada raffia heels from 04 ;)

Miss Cavendish said...

Sounds like a great time! And where did Pink Horrow Show get her bunny mask?! (from the link)

vitaMinn style said...

Sounds like you had fun time! Can't wait to see your new Chanel piece. You have quite a collection already. =)

PS - Glad to see that you've been posting regularly now... welcome back!!!

Lynn said...

hi thumbelina! i went to decadestwo as well but not last sunday. did you get the chanel necklace with the crosses on it? if yes, lucky girl! that was such a great piece! :)

Anonymous said...

it was great meeting you the other day! it was hard to resist the decades 2 sample sale after your report.. i love the necklace you got. ~joelle

Diya said...

SO jealous you got to meet the glamouri in person! the ladies look FABULOUS!

PS. if you have time please check out:

Tiffany Ling Tse said...

That's an amazing idea!!! I just might have to steal it and do the same with some of the LA based bloggers I've gotten to know! :)

marian said...

yummy post, like the blogger meet up photo!

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Yary and Sary said...

love the photo!


Lydia said...

All these outfits are amazing.

Lydia xxx

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

What a good idea! You all look amazing x