Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Out

What's your preference: black beauty or color story? (Photo Credit: Jak & Jil Blog)
A quick perusal of my closet will unequivocally remind you that I am a New Yorker: a torrent of black, a deluge of gray, and a barrage of denim dominate my limited storage space with occasional but meager sprinkles of color. Like the atmospheric amnesia I suffer every fall (is this what 38 degrees feels like?!), I am reminded by the recent cold, premature blast of winter how dark my sartorial choices have been lately.
It's undeniable that the fashion gods have dictated that fall 2009 would be a season of black. (Remember, they were designing when the economic gloom was at its peak.) Admittedly, I was lured by the promise of the easy chic: black goes with everything; black is edgy; black is the new black. Now, looking at my shadowy wardrobe and sighing through the spring runway shows, I am seduced by the promise of warmth and the color of joy. Alexander McQueen's psychedelic sci-fi dresses, Lanvin's candy-colored jeweled concoctions, and Proenza Schouler's tribal blues and greens all signaled a meaningful industry reappraisal of the power of--and need for--bright colors.
Of course, this newfound worship of all things color does not mean a scorn of all things black. When the winter chill pierces the bone, somehow a suit of black armor seems like the most appropriate choice when facing the elements or huddling with a crowd of fierce fellow New Yorkers, who are all, like me, secretly dreaming of spring.


mom & son said...

i'm dreaming and wish that it's still spring/summer.'s too cold in here too plus
it's been raining here since yesterday.

i like black but in the summer i minimize
myself wearing black.

WendyB said...

I have a LOT of black -- which, weirdly, I prefer to wear during the day when I'm just working. For evening, color seems so much more festive.

-h said...

black is my armor. but im adding color into my work wardrobe because i can actually wear color to work now. but still i only add colors that really look good w/ black.

Nini's Style said...

That orange dress is beautiful!!! How are you Thumbelina?

WJ said...

I am currently loving all black with a splash of colour...or all white. I think white in particular is so underrated. But working with all black is interesting in that the focus is upon textures rather than colour, which can actually make it more difficult to style, I think!

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy yr posts!!! Very editorial and witty:-)

Hope to see this translated in an outfit soon!!!

I have always loved neutrals (black white and grey) with a pop of colour like lemon yellow or hot pink!

39th and Broadway said...

Oddly, this is the first cold season I can remember since childhood that I am craving color. The brighter the better! I think it is a reaction to the overwhelming gloom of the long recession and the short NYC summer.

Anonymous said...

I like it black but somehow my accessories (bag) gotta stand out if not I'd be really bored! Like a bright red bag or something to go with an all-black outfit or neutral colored one. I love F/W but somehow it gets a bit too dull when we're into the season too much where everyone only wears neutral colors! Gotta be bold, gotta be bold! ;)

Love, Adela

dot said...

I love both: I'm very rarely all black, I like to mix it up with navy (or, today, I wore one of my casual autumn uniforms: black long sleeved Gap tee, the same skinny gap blue jeans for the past 8 years, simple black riding boots, chocolate faux fur jacket).

But I also LOVE colour. I like to alternate between the two.

In this instance, I'd vote for the black only because I can't look at orange and black without thinking Halloween. (same with yellow & black: the Bumble Bee Factor, as someone said). If she had a burst of magenta/hot pink with the orange & black, I'd love it.

That's just my humble opinion ; )

I love how you ended this beautifully written post: secretly dreaming of spring. That's why one of my favourite wintry looks is pale pastels, in warm materials: pale pink & baby blue cashmere, etc.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!

much love from London

janettaylor said...

I agree with WendyB! I love love love black anytime!

Have a great weekend!

StyleSpy said...

Colorcolorcolor! The more, the better! Still, black is the background canvas for the color and I always find myself wearing more of it than I intend to.

Anonymous said...

I always consider Black & White are two amazing powerful colors on you.
B+W coordination will be all-time eye catching, expecially with black hair.

miss cavendish said...

Love black on the bottom, but prefer navy or charcoal next to my face . . .

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello Miss Thumbelina, currently dreaming of spring ;)

"black is edgy; black is the new black" ... I also love black ;)
...and all these multicolored/ candy-colored pieces.
Is it a contradiction in terms?;)
When I wear too much black I wish so much to dress myself in candy-color and ... the other way round!

Can´t wait to see you in your new red YSL dreamticket!!!

Have a relaxing multicolored sunday!!!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

LOVE the orange dress, amazing shade! wish there were more colour popping looks around

We'll definitely be back
Come take a sneaky peek at TBAG :)
We have an amazing giveaway!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday :)x

Dream Sequins said...

I have a torrent of black- which is my version of fashion "comfort food." It's just something that I reach for out of habit, when I'm not feeling particularly creative. This past year, I've been trying to snap out of the all black funk, and am doing it in bits and pieces. The colors of my wardrobe shift and change rapidly, depending on my mood. There's nothing wrong with wrapping yourself in moody greys and there's definitely nothing wrong with popping out a vibrant orange outfit during winter either. It's all chic. :)

You were missed last night, BTW! We're organizing a girls' night of drinks when I return from Thailand!

Jason said...

Black usually works easily with everything, but some colors would definitely not hurt especially when practically everyone in NYC wears black/grey.


TLT said...

I'd never turn my nose down at a gorgeous LDB or classic black piece, but I love to add a splash of color to every outfit if I can!! There's just something about bright colors and jewel tones that make my day more pleasant. :)